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About Us

Directed by the architect and interior designer Ahmad Muezz, AM|DS as known as Bina Designers is  leading architecture and design firm that provides a variety of design services including architecture, tailored interior design, civil design, landscaping, space management and 3D visualization as well as providing dynamic design elements such as tailored furniture and unique home accessories.

With deep technical expertise and a superb in-house team architects, civil engineers and electrical engineers, we collaborate with our clients every step of the design process from the conception to construction as to create, luxurious, distinct, high performance designs and innovative solutions that transform our clients' insights into structures and spaces that inspire,inform and innovate.


Ahmad Muezz Design Studio has started a decade ago as a small family business; a family of architects and engineers that are highly collaborative and strive to continually advance their technical knowledge and expertise. With time we have expanded to take over and be one of the best leading firms in the area. Our work is built on a foundation of critical thinking, collaborative investigation and intelligent problem solving as to reach our ambition which is to form the future of design; connecting people to places by inventing the exceptional and dynamic use of space. To this end, we explore new work processes, design strategies, and emerging technologies as an integral part of our work.

Contact Us

For more information, inquiries and quotations, please contact us at :

- Office Tel. 00972 2 5409503

- Muezz Nashashibi: 00972 50 5 361175

- Ahmad Muezz: 00972 50 5 557585

- Yousef Nashashibi: 00972 54 7 255819

- Office Fax: 00972 2 5409502

- E-mail: info@binaengineering.com

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